Illustrator and Designer Adam Davidson aka Brook Eleven

Adam Davidson aka Brook Eleven is an experienced watercolour artist, illustrator and designer, who likes to mix the traditional with digital.


‘My work mainly consists of taking a subject and applying a little humour to it, but I have also produced fan art for myself as well as private commissions. In my career I have worked on projects for Coca Cola, Xbox, Magners, NSPCC, British Airways and The Prince’s Trust

I recently had the great opportunity to have my work displayed at MCM Comic Con in London, my art was hung as a big banner to help promote the Mad Max Fury Road film. This opportunity was being offered through a competition organised by Warner Bros., Photoshop Creative magazine and Grapevine Digital, but it was a great feeling to know that George Miller chose my art to use for that event.’


‘I’ve always been creative from a pretty young age, I wouldn’t say I was any good at art at that point, but for me it was the most interesting subject in school and it was definitely better than doing algebra, which I was no good at and haven’t used to this day. I would always spend more time creating a cover for an assignment which wasn’t required and wouldn’t get me any marks, but I didn’t care, it was more fun than writing the essay!’


‘Influences for me can come from the usual places I guess, blogs, magazines, books, but I am always in awe of lifelike paintings and illustrations, when I see a piece of art that isn’t quite photorealistic, but is lifelike enough that you can imagine it being real, that really gets my creative brain going. As for specific people, Gil Elvgren, Norman Rockwell, Frank Godwin and Jason Seiler would certainly be on my list of influencers, but that list is always getting bigger.

As for what I’m doing currently, at the moment I am busy creating concepts for various projects including some lifelike watercolour downloadable design elements and I’m developing some humorous greetings cards to sell through my own website and Thorful, which is a new greetings card supplier I’m working with.’




Website | @BrookEleven