Artist & Illustrator Alison Day Designs

Alison Day is originally from Oxford, England, but she has been living in the Netherlands for many years. A graduate in Graphic Design, from Middlesex University, London (many moons ago), she can best describe herself as a ‘serial creative.’


‘I am an artist, designer and illustrator, as well as writer, voiceover and translator, all under the name of Alison Day Designs.’


‘Having such a broad diversity of disciplines is never boring and oftentimes results in my personal projects being incorporated into my professional work. I try to keep my ideas fresh by experimenting with new mediums and techniques. Currently, I am using a combination of watercolours and ink, sometimes with a little digital enhancement.

Inspiration comes from the world around me, in particular: travel, people watching, my garden, cat antics, a love of storytelling and re-cycling. As a result, there’s no lack of ideas queuing up in my head, or waiting patiently on lists.’


‘I worked for many years as editor and designer of an expatriate magazine, as well as a short stint as designer and illustrator for a publisher. With this in mind, in 2014, I decided to embark on one of my lifelong dreams, to write and illustrate a children’s storybook. This in turn, after a fair amount of research, turned into a self-publish. A major learning curve, but well worth it. Sam & the Adventure (2015), is available, together with the story’s colouring book, from my website.’




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