Graphic Design Student Charlie O’Halloran

Charlie O’Halloran is a part time graphic designer/part time student studying for his degree in Graphic Design at South Essex College in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


‘Visual stimulation is arguably the most important thing in our lives: a trigger to a release of thought, memory and emotion. From even the basic use of a colour, the human mind is set on a whirlwind of subconscious frenzy. It’s the first impression we get of almost anything in the world. There is a reason it’s called “love at first sight”…’


‘Growing up as a creative kid, visual media had always been a passion since as far back as I can remember. Education led me down a fine art route which then branched out to graphic design, photography and videography as I gained skill and knowledge through education and self-guided exploration. I felt the more I knew, the more successful my work would be.’


‘I studied fine art, media studies, product design and ICT in college, alongside creating websites, videos, promotional material and music for my band. Now after some time away from education, maturing not only as a person but also as an artist, I am now at university to put my skills to the test in gaining a graphic design degree.

My work is a mix of personal projects, freelance jobs and academic concepts, all of which is often distinctive with a high contrast boldness. The best artwork is that which stands out strong amongst the rest for all the right reasons. Bad graphic design is all too common and I have taken the personal duty of creating nothing but visual splendour for the world to fall for with love at first sight …’



Website | @charlieohdesign