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Derek Sharp aka Curtain Jerker Designs has over 8 years of experience designing fliers, logos and graphics for pro wrestling companies and pro wrestling superstars.

nba graphic kobe allstar

‘Because I got my start in print and web design work for professional wrestling , most of my work consists of live event posters, DVD covers and any and all graphics needed as it pertains to LIVE pro wrestling events.

Since Photoshop or the internet wasn’t around much when I was in high school (class of 1994) art was the only creative class I took. I started studying Photoshop in 2006 I got a few tips and lessons from my friend designer Alex Perham of besides that, videos by Adobe tv’s Terry White.’

icw flier for artical

‘Because my main work is in event posters ,I find alot of my inspiration come from movie posters.Outside of that im a huge fan of old food labels and simple vintage logos. As for specific people, Drew Struzan, Chuck Anderson (no pattern), Aaron James Draplin, and Tyson Beck just to name a few. On the marketing side of things Gary Vaynerchuk, Chase Jarvis and Chris Do have been a huge social media presence.

Since the companies I work with run monthly events. im always working on something. Currently I provide graphics for 7 different so at anytime that includes a set of event flier, dvd cover and match graphics for each. When im not working on those projects ,i also broadcast the Creative Hustle Podcast on iTunes.’

7 Star Wrestling Flier for artical

DVD Cover for artical

RCW YOLO event Flier

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