Italian Illustrator Camilla Zaza

Camilla Zaza is an Italian illustrator who specialises in children’s illustrations. She graduated in 2015 from the European Institute of Design in Milan with a B.A in Illustration.


‘I studied Illustration at the IED in Milan. During these three years I improved my visual communication and composition abilities, I learnt to analyse and to apply the creative process which is behind an illustration and I became proficient in a wide range of computer’s softwares -something I never would have thought to be capable of-. The best part of the course was the interaction with a lot of talented students who share the same passion. I learnt so many different things just by talking with them.’


‘Since I started from scratch, it wasn’t always easy but I was lucky enough to find many supportive tutors that helped me during the university -and even after-. Right now I can say I achieved my own graphic interpretation or “style” even though I like to experiment a lot, to find new techniques and to evolve.

In addition I also love to write my stories. This gives me the opportunity to explore more, to find new references and to add my unique touch in every project’s aspect. I like stories with a funny twist but lately I’m rediscovering myths, legends and nature.’


‘My influences come from the folklore and the nature. I love to read folktales -especially the nordic ones- and I like to reinvent them both writing and drawing them. I love Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Andersen’s Tales but also those folktales and myths that don’t have a precise author.’


‘As an illustrator, I love to take inspiration from artists like: Carl Otto, Czeschka, Hayao Miyazaki, Tomm Moore -producer and writer of the beautiful animation movie “The Secret of Kells” -, Julia Sardà, Benjamin Chaud, Emily Hughes…and so many more! I love to watch their studies, to understand their creative process and to test their techniques and colours -that’s why I love to buy art books!-.’


‘I finished uni -on July 2015- with a children’s book that supports augmented reality as a final project. The book “Sono stati i mostri!” -translated “It was the monsters’ fault!”- has two different levels of lecture; the traditional one and the digital one. In this way the user can read the story inside the paper book and then, using the device, implement it. Thanks to this digital level the children is able to discover a new animated world and to interact with the characters of the story, hear sounds and see little animations.

“Sono stati i mostri!” won the Italian competition “Faberday” in the category “Gaming, AR and VR”. Currently I am working -on my own- on some projects I’d like to publish one day. The first one is a children’s book focused on the importance of the nature while the second one is a graphic novel about my reinvented folktales.’

Website | @zazacamilla