Zocdoc Senior Designer Faris Habayeb

Faris Habayeb received his B.A. in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University. In 2008 he moved to NY to worked for Ogilvy to build up consumer and pharma brands. With a keen interest in branding, he also helped develop identities for Atlantis, Shiseido, and Kraft. Working across sectors, Faris has also lead visual communications for Columbia University, designing campaigns centered around flu prevention, sexual assault awareness, and mental health.


‘Faris is always in pursuit of passion projects. His latest is Buoy, a concept product that’s been featured on the Die Line. The idea came through after having a hard time finding products that possess a good sense of style, all the while addressing the sensitive skincare needs of a regular swimmer.’


‘In his free time, Faris continues to create. He produces illustrations for boutique magazines in addition to designing identities for startups. Faris is drawn to work by the likes of Paul Rand and Michael Bierut. He finds illustrations by Hugo Guinness and Olympia Zagnoli to be a great source of inspiration.

Faris is currently a Senior Designer at Zocdoc, a patient-focused tech company in NY.’