Illustrator and Comic Book Maker Donya Todd

Donya Todd is an artist, illustrator and comic book maker who specialises in telling tales through art.


‘My work is a magical mish-mash of folklore, the occult & living landscapes. My award nominated graphic-novels are sold worldwide, I freelance for all kinds of businesses and clients and I run Chubbytown, an illustrated clothing shop in my spare time. My most recent book, ‘Buttertubs’ is now available to buy.’


I studied Illustration at the University of Plymouth and Hokkaido College of Art and Design in Japan and then moved to deepest darkest Cornwall where I live on a farm with my partner and our two cats. The Cornish countryside is bleakly beautiful and totally unique place to live and work. Newborn lambs bleating outside my window, sea mist rolling off the hills and ten minutes away from the worlds best beaches. Other influences are Frida Kahlo, Dame Darcy, Henry Darger and more recently Cornish artists like Barbara Hepworth and Ithell Colquhoun. My favourite place to visit is the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft – full of mystery, odd characters and artifacts. Plenty of fodder for magical story making.’


‘Right now I’m tarting up my brand new website which will be the place to find all my news, recent commissions, artwork to see and buy and also a series of e-courses for people interested in narrative illustration.’



Pippy nude painting


Website | @Donyatodd