Freelance Illustrator Sonja Stangl

Sonja Stangl is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Vienna, Austria. Her work includes conceptual and editorial illustration, poster design and visual storytelling.


‘I did not know I was going to be an artist my entire life. Neither did I make brilliant paintings from childhood on. I would say it was dedication that drove me, dedication to visualising and telling stories in pictures. For me drawing was a tool to understand and learn things. When I was in school I used to illustrate my notes, so I would remember better – yes, maybe there was some element of procrastination to it as well, but it worked anyway ;)’


‘The decision that I was going to pursue a career in arts came when I was about fourteen and attending a school with focus on media design felt much more exciting than any other option. Followed by getting a B.A in Arts and Design, studying Multimedia Art at FH Salzburg. I have always been intrigued by technology and curious about animation, so I wanted to explore the whole field that visual art can offer.’


‘My biggest progress in drawing I experienced with starting a daily drawing five years ago. Once started I couldn’t stop anymore and until this day I am still sketching regularly. Whenever I feel a little bit demotivated I look back over every drawing of the past five years, visually seeing how much I can achieve with being persistent. That awlays gives me a very good boost of energy for carrying on!

For almost four years now I have been working as a freelance artist and designer. I love to get my hands dirty and experiment with all kinds of material and I still feel that what pulls me to creating something is the need to understand and get to the core of…well…everything!’




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