British Lifestyle Brand Yanii Akeliah

Yanique Moodie is the founder and creative director of British lifestyle brand Yanii Akeliah. With a signature style of working with digital photographs and hand rendered mark-making, results in unpredictable design rhythms and unique colour combinations.


Yanique attended Birmingham City University, achieving a degree in Print and Surface Design. Upon graduating she exhibited her graduate collection at New Designers 2014. Freelancing as a print designer for a studio based in Copenhagen followed her ND’14 exhibition. Yanique’s designs were sold internationally at trade fairs in New York and Paris.


Working with the print studio allowed Yanique to develop a portfolio of commercial designs for both fashion and interiors. Influenced by notable designers such as Timorous Beasties and Mary Katranzou. Yanique’s work is recognisable for its bright colours and strikingly graphic imagery of nature interpreted through technology. With such defined creative direction Yanique is currently focusing on marketing her homeware collection. However recommendations developing a clothing range are also being considered for the future. This is a very exciting and highly creative time for Yanii Akeliah.



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