Graphic Designer Nick Baldwin

Nick Baldwin is a graphic designer currently working in Islington, London.

United States of Me

‘I have the desire to create logical, well thought out design while maintaining a keen level of detail within my work. I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University almost 2 years ago and now work in as the graphic designer of a market research agency ‘River Research’. I have worked within many disciplines of graphic design. Creating work involving branding, marketing, website design, app design, iconography, animation and video.’


‘Recently I worked on a concept project. The aim was to take the alcoholic drinks brand Sourz and create an entirely new range that moved away from the buzz of the city lights, and transported the consumer to a new and unexpected place.

In response to this I wanted to focus on a more mature audience. I decided to use space as my main influence as it’s the most obscure place know to man. My idea take elements from planets in our solar system and use their distinctive traits to create patterns that run up the bottle. Each of the bottles are matte black with etched out patterns that allow the liquid inside to peak through. Once illuminated the cracks begin to glow, creating a truly unique luminous experience that is sure to catch the eye.’

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