Who We Are

Owned and run by Jared Thompson, Design Juices is an online creative blog which showcases the best inspirational designers, artists, photographers & more. The site aims to be updated with as much creativity and inspiration, aswell as interviewing top designers to share an insight into their craft and work.

We also like to reward our community of readers and contributors with regular giveaways and competitions aswell as freebies and rewards. Our advertising fits into the most modest budgets and we strive to work with our sponsors to create the best possible package..

Who have we worked with? We have worked with several companies with giveaways on the site including; Fashion For Home, Art Republic, Groupon, Moo.com, Splinter design, Sticker Mule, Uprinting, Adobe, Allbusinesscards, Next Day Flyers, Verde Styles, 604 Republic, Sonicprint, Printrunner, Designious & DBD Clothing.

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