Freelance Graphic Designer Esther Ellard

Esther Ellard graduated from Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design last summer and has been working part time and freelancing ever since.

EE wall

‘I’m currently trying to carve out a place for myself in the design world working on a wide range of projects. I’ve always made work that is somewhere on the spectrum between fine art and graphic design, and I really enjoy the freedom this gives me. It’s quite difficult to not necessarily specialise in one element of design because people think you just aren’t very good at anything, but the truth is that you have to be good at many things to land jobs in this day and age, and I thrive on doing everything!

I work a lot with regular everyday materials (tape, house paint, stationery etc). What informs all of my work is an interest in formal elements (colour, shape, space), popular culture, quiet or unnoticed moments or things, incompleteness and a desire to imply something ‘bigger’ than the work itself. It is important for me that my work can operate in many different environments and be appreciated on many different levels.’

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‘I have a lot of influences from both the art and design world such as Sol Lewitt, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Fred Deakin and Jim Lambie. I also really admire people like Kate Moross and Morag Myerscough because they are women who seem to have successfully situated themselves in a very busy (and male dominated!) design world doing varied projects in their own distinctive style.’

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‘I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty cool projects since graduating, my work was in an exhibition of UAL graduates presented by Made In Arts London, which I also designed the marketing material for and created a site specific artwork in the space, and they now sell some of my work online.

I’ve also made 3D paper sculptures for GQ Magazine, and most recently I completed a commission to paint a large scale exterior wall mural for Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross. The wall is 15metres wide so it was definitely a challenge, designing something that wouldn’t look lost on such a large wall and also painting it all by hand on my own. I really enjoyed the process though and I think the outcome is really successful, it’s so pleasing seeing the result of weeks of planning and discussing finally come to life and look so fresh and shiny. Whilst I was working on the mural I met a lot of the people who work in the studios (lots of them are recording studios or music related) and a few opportunity’s have come about as a result of painting that wall so that’s really exciting, and of course I’d love to do some more mural’s in public places! Also coming up i’m collaborating with an artist based in Brooklyn, NY who makes amazing geometric wooden pieces and i’m included in the Secret 7” exhibition this year.’

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