5 ways in which getting the right lighting can jazz up your home

5 ways in which getting the right lighting can jazz up your home

The lighting you choose in your home can make or break your decoration. Getting the right lighting can feel like a fairy tale ending- this one was too bright, that one was too dark, but now it is just right.

You can also use lighting to bring an extra edge to a room and give it that extra oomph. So if you have joined the tonnes of Brits that have turned to DIY this lockdown and jumped on that home improvement trend, here are 5 way in which getting the right lighting can jazz up your home.

  1. Renting? No problem!

If you are renting your house or apartment, or simply rent a room, you might think that you can’t redecorate. Whilst you might be limited to what you can hang on the walls or from the ceiling, you can browse a wide selection of floor lamps at Pagazzi. Floor lamps are a great way to jazz up a room without affecting the integrity of any plastering. This way you can make your room more you and still get that deposit back!

  1. Doubles as an art display

Whilst considering the lighting itself, you might forget to consider the actual lamp, lamp shade or light fixture. In fact, the physical structure can double as a work of art or a sculpture. There are many artistic lighting solutions out there, even disguised as mirrors.

  1. Lighting can change the mood

We all know about mood lighting. Your light can set the mood for binge watching Netflix or making it more of a ‘Netflix and chill’. However what you might not know is light can not only set the mood of the room, but it can also affect and change your mood over time. This means that certain lighting can improve your mood, as well as jazzing up your living area.

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  1. Focal point of the room

If you are struggling to come up with an aesthetic for your decoration, a jazzy lighting solution can become the focal point of your room, giving you something to design the whole room around. Even if you have a tight budget, spending that little extra on your lighting can completely change the vibe of the room and tie all your decorations together.

  1. Brighten up even the darkest of rooms

With everything in life, as well as with home improvement, it’s all about striking the right balance of light and dark, brightness and shade, yin and yang. Creating shadows can be just as effective as bright lighting, adding an extra element. Indeed, mirroring nature in this way can help us to be more mindful of the world around us, keep in sync with our circadian rhythm, and bring an air of natural light to rooms that might not be blessed with large windows.

Finding the right lighting solution can entirely change the way that you and others perceive your home. The right light can make your home comforting and welcoming, warm and loving, and brighten up even the darkest of rooms.


Joanna Webster