Inspiration for Designing Your Own Home

Inspiration for Designing Your Own Home

Designing and building your own home is the dream for many. Tailoring your property to your personal needs can be a cost-effective way to drastically increase your quality of life. The possibilities of what you can do are practically endless.

However, designing a house is no small undertaking, one which can take up a considerable amount of time, energy and money to complete. To limit additional costs or disappointment, we want to make sure that our design is perfect, both in terms of functionality and personality, before we move ahead with a build.

In this article, we guide you through some great sources of inspiration when it comes to designing your home.

The Internet & Social Media

The first and probably most obvious place to reach out for inspiration is the internet and the various sites dedicated to home inspiration.

Because terms like ‘home design inspiration’ returns well over a million results on Google, try being more specific about what it is you are looking for. For example, if you are particularly fond of specific styles of home try adding those to your search terms such as ‘contemporary home design inspiration’ or ‘English country home inspiration’.

Beyond dedicated home design blogs and websites, social media platforms can also be a fantastic source of inspiration. You will find dedicated home design pages on almost any social media platform. However, from a visual point of view, Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to hunt out the pages that get your creativity going.

Historical Sites

Some of the most beautiful architecture and design, especially in the UK, is located at historical sites. Visiting buildings which are rich in history can be a great place to draw inspiration for your build. These can span from the fine details included in a grand palace, through to the simple and calming designs used throughout many historic churches.

Although your own home is unlikely to fully resemble any one of these historical sites, the patterns and themes can work perfectly in contemporary buildings when you are aiming for a more traditional feel.

Traditional Media

Traditional forms of media such as television and magazines are still a fantastic source of inspiration when designing your new home.

TV classics like Grand Designs can offer insight into the possibilities available to you when designing your property. Even programmes which do not focus exclusively on home building can offer inspiration. For example, Location, Location and George Clarke’s Old House New Home can prompt ideas for your property, even when they are not applied in the same way.

There are also a range of magazines such as Ideal Home or Country Living that are created and edited specifically to offer inspiration.

Follow Design Trends

Design trends often follow other cultural shifts. For example, as we become more aware of the environmental impacts of our actions, sustainable and long-lasting buildings are becoming increasingly popular/

It is worth assessing current trends such as those highlighted below when designing your own home.

Underground Homes

Although considerably old in its design origins, building homes underground has increased in popularity in recent years. This is primarily due to their sustainable credentials. Building underground makes use of the earth and therefore usually requires considerably less building materials.

Underground living also benefits homeowners due to energy efficiency, geothermal mass and heat exchange, meaning that underground homes easily stay cool in summer and warm in the winter.

However, due to the relatively niche nature of underground building, it can be difficult and costly.

Concrete Homes

Concrete homes are another design trend that should be considered for inspiration. This method of building can be beneficial due to its affordable nature. When concrete is combined with mesh reinforcement, it can also be incredibly long-lasting, leading to less need for unsustainable repairs and replacement.

The heavy nature of concrete can make it difficult to work with.

Shipping Container Homes

Repurposing shipping containers in construction has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, both in domestic and commercial builds. These containers offer a simple and affordable way to create an inspirational space whilst being sustainable due to the reuse of old containers.

Shipping containers are generally weak the further you get away from each corner, so strategic planning and reinforcement are required to ensure safety.

There are many sources of inspiration when it comes to designing your own home. The obvious sources can be a good starting point, but taking a step away from the norm and exploring trends and the environment around you is a good way to find new and exciting ideas.

Use an expert

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